Welcome to Universal Profit Club!

Universal Profit Club is the new wave profit sharing business that's here to help everyone make money online in the most simplified way possible. The business runs on autopilot and members earn massive profit every three hour until a profit returns of 135% is earned.

Universal Profit Club system is 100% legitimate and we are backed my real forex and cryptocurrency trading. We generate up to 7.2% daily profit trading in the global cryptocurrency market and this proof is available to all our VIP members. Our experienced team can assure you that there is never going to be a day where we will fall below the 4.5% daily interest. Every now and then you will receive power up interest on days when our profit goes beyond usual. So expect an interest explosion!

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How do I use the signup Bonus?

The signup bonus is a push to help everyone get started. We understand some people are on extremely low income and we want to be a part of their success story hence we're giving an easy start of $10, this way they can add $15 and get their very first Profit Unit.

There are several ways to earn with us, the most guaranteed way is to buy Profit Unit. Each profit unit cost $25, however we advise members to go or 10 profit unit or more to enable them to maximize this opportunity.

Daily interest paid is 4.5% - 6.25% daily on all profit unit. Buying profit unit is the ONLY guaranteed way to earn with us every 3hours.

What is the minimum withdrawal?

The minimum withdrawal is $2 and withdrawals are done anything 24hours of the day 7days a week. Also all withdrawals are instantly processed.

What is the minimum investment?

The minimum investment a member can make is $25.
Each profit unit cost $25.
However, we advice all our members who want to maximize their earning potential to go in with $250 which is for 10 Profit Unit. Truth be told, the more you spend the more money you make.

Just like with other investments, they are risk associated with investing, however we take well calculated risk to make sure all funds are plugged into the right trading with very low risk of loss. The risk associated to losing your money with Uniprofitclub is very minimal.

Well itís a fact that many people have lost their money in Revshares, Hyips and other online passive income programs but it is also a fact that millions of people have become millionaires through online earning opportunities. Uniprofitclub is on the positive side, weíre going to make new millionaire! Yes, the program will come to a stop at some point but let it be known to all members that we operate a very transparent business and we are committed to helping every single member achieve their goals. Contact us anytime, share your fears and concerns, itís okay to fear but donít let your fears stop you from achieving financial success. All the richest people in the world had their fears but the invested anyway and the rest is history.
Create Financial Success Today! Itís Possible!

Can I earn as a FREE member?

Yes, complete task and earn from bounty program or refer others to earn.

March 6th, 2020

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